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Yousmarg has the potential to be the gateway to a number of potential destinations in its south, west and east including Doodhpathri, Nilnag, Bargah and Tosamaidan. Yousmarg region has a great tourism potential primarily for the reasons of its virginity and potential for development of ecotourism. The region till some decades ago had abundance of wild life and was famous for the large number of deer that inhabited the region. It is located at a height of 8,900ft from main sea level. The natural slopes of Yousmarg offer skiing opportunities to experts. School camps and adventure lovers make a week to fortnights stay at Yousmarg for the thrilling trekking routes around. Day treks are mostly commenced by the visitors. It is suitable for honeymooners, as it is the quietest place out of all tourist destinations.

For the convenience of the tourists, basic amenities such as few huts, public conveniences, kiosks, cafeterias, pony tracks and few parking lots have been constructed here by the Yousmarg Development Authority. Few pony shelters have also been constructed. A tourist information centre also functions at the main bowl. The area being prone to sudden thunderous rains during summers, few facilities of rain shelters have also been provided in the vast area of the resort. So, equipped with all that a visitor wants, this place is fast occupying the slot among top tourist destinations of Kashmir.


Yousmarg is between May and September.

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