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Warwan Valley with an average elevation of more than 85,00 ft above the sea level is a hidden treasure of natural beauty. Its starting point, Inshan village, lies some 50 km south of Anantnag. This pristine valley comprises 13 villages with three located on left bank of the Warwan river and 10 on its right side. Warwan Valley is a gorgeously beautiful long but narrow valley with width not exceeding 3 km. This 30 km long valley has splendid waterfalls, vast verdant meadows and pastures, huge cedar trees, enormous patches of thickly wooded forests and all sorts of natural scenic places that leave the visitor spell bound. Continuous caresses of the cool breeze soothe the soul of the travelers who walk across it to explore its interiors.

Sandwiched between Kashmir and Ladakh region of the state, this valley is connected to Zanaskar valley of Ladakh region through a mountain pass called Kanital pass. Kanital glacier is among the big glaciers of the state. It is located at an elevation of 13,500 ft above the sea level, some 20 kilometers from the last Warwan village of Sukhnai. This glacier is the source of Warwan river which is one of the tributaries of Chenab River. Across the Kanital mountain lies Panikhar in Zanskar region, which is a day’s trek away. The Warwan Valley has its own flora and fauna. Even the crops are different from that of Kashmir or Ladakh. Having remained untouched for generations, the valley is pollution free and offers natural beauty at every curve and curl.


Warwan Valley is also a base from where trekking routes head to different places. Sukhnai- Kanital- Panikhar is one of them that takes 3-4 days. If one takes a left turn, the trek leads to Sheshnag in Pahalgam area. Sukhnai- Chittergul- Aishmuqam is another trek. This track is studded with many lakes, pristine meadows and dense forests. One can even take right turn and enjoy trekking to Marwah valley and land at Sinthan top. The route is a real blend of joy and adventure as 8 lakes come along the way. The foreigners have been trekking in this region for decades but for the countrymen, this is a new destination full of a variety of adventurous opportunities. The ideal time to visit this valley is between May and September.



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